Frequently Asked Questions

How many Expo Hall staff badges will my company get?

The number of staff badges you are eligible for corresponds to the size of your booth space. You get five badges for every 100 square feet of exhibit space purchased. See chart for reference.

How many complimentary AF2019 Full Scientific registrations (Industry Partner badges) is my company entitled to?

This also corresponds to the size of your exhibit space—up to 200 square feet entitles you to one full professional badge; 201 square feet or more, entitles you to two. You can purchase additional full professional badges through registering online and these badges allow full admittance to both scientific session and Expo Hall. See chart for reference.

Will an Expo Hall staff badge allow entrance to the scientific sessions?

No, only a full professional registration badge entitles admittance to the scientific sessions. Staff badges allow access to the Expo Hall only.

Can I purchase extra Expo Hall staff badges?

Yes, additional exhibitor staff badges may be purchased for $400 per badge; the number that can be purchased is based on your company’s booth size. Keep in mind, each company is entitled to three guest badges each day. It is important to note that guest badges are good for one day only, and you cannot issue a guest pass to the same person more than once during the symposium. Like the staff badges, guest passes allow admittance to the Expo Hall only, not into the scientific sessions.

Can one person pick up all of my company’s Expo Hall staff badges?

Yes, in fact it is required that one point person be assigned to pick up all of your company’s Expo Hall-only and Guest of Exhibitor badges, unless you have registered five or fewer staff members—then you have the option of picking up as a group or individually. Your company’s Expo Hall-only and Guest of Exhibitor Badges will be packaged up for you in advance and ready for pick-up at the Exhibitor Registration desk.

What about our complimentary Industry Partner badges? Can I pick up those up with our Expo Hall-only badges?

No. Full professional badges, whether complimentary or purchased, must be picked up at the Main Registration desk by the person registered to wear the badge. Main Registration is adequately staffed to put full registration badges into the hands of its attendees quickly so they may promptly move on to the scientific sessions.

How do I register staff for badges?

You will submit names for Expo Hall staff badges, Guest of Exhibitor badges and complimentary full professional (Industry Partner) badges on a form that will be provided to you by our Exhibits Manager. If you need to purchase full professional registrations for the scientific sessions, you will do so through online registration for general attendees.

Can I get a list of everyone who has registered to attend AF2019?

No, we respect the privacy of our attendees so it is our policy to not provide these types of lists.