2019 Prospectus

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Welcome to AF Symposium 2019

This is the premiere event, where the world’s leading professionals converge for a three-day experience, unlike any other, gaining access to the most up-to-date advances in atrial fibrillation. For almost 25 years, this elite forum connects medical scientists and healthcare professionals from current to cutting-edge innovations in research and therapeutics from the most prominent investigators in the field.

The AF Symposium presents attendees with an intense educational experience.  This progressive and interactive meeting encompasses limitless teaching tools through presentation, discussion, live case submissions from international stages. The Expo Floor of the AF Symposium highlights the modern advances in technologies by our trusted Industry Partners and provides an assembly for both industry and physicians to discuss these emerging developments.  Reserve Booth Space or a Custom Business Suite and meet with clients without leaving the Expo Floor.  Purchase a Product Theater and educate attendees about your product during the lunch break.  Drive traffic to your booth or special event with Premium Branding Opportunities designed to efficiently promote your company’s sales directive.  For more information, check out the Promotional Opportunities section.

Ellyn Headley, HMCC, HACCP
Event Marketing & Convention Manger