Exhibitor Badge Registration

Three types of badges are issued to exhibiting companies: Exhibit Only, Guest of Exhibitor and Full Professional Registration. Badges are issued only to designated exhibiting companies’ representatives and in the name of the company shown on the Exhibit Space Application/Contract.

Exhibit Only Badges

Five (5) Exhibit Only badges are provided per 10' x 10' exhibiting unit, and will be issued to only employees of the exhibiting companies. Exhibit only badges are provided to exhibiting company staff working inside the Expo Floor on behalf of such exhibiting company. Exhibit only badges do not permit access to educational sessions. Deadline for submission is December 3, 2018.

Exhibitor Guest Badges

Three (3) Guest of Exhibitor badges are provided per day to all exhibiting companies.  Guests of Exhibitor Badges do not allow access to any Scientific Session. Guests of Exhibitor Badges are only permitted on the Expo Floor during open hours. Guest of Exhibitor Badges may not be issued to the same person over the course of three days. Deadline for submission is December 3, 2018.

Full Professional Registration Badges

Each exhibiting company is allotted full scientific session badges based on the square footage of the company booth.  100-200 sq. ft = 1 scientific badge, 200+ sq ft = 2 scientific badges.

Note: Anyone with a scientific session badge is allowed access to both the expo floor and general session

Cancellation of booth, forfeits all badges.


On-site Badge Pick-Up Policy

A picture ID is required when picking up exhibitor badges.

A fee of $50 will be charged for any badges ordered after January 4, 2019.